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Re: C#

Here is an article that i hope will be more informative by
Dare Obasanjo http://www.25hoursaday.com/


It even has a poll: Which C# features do you wish Java had?

This version doesn't contain advertising:

At 02:23 AM 1/8/2002, Tony Kimball wrote:
>Quoth McLagan, Doug on Monday, 7 January:
>: I'd like to know what people think about the views expressed in this column:
>: http://www.pbs.org/cringely/pulpit/pulpit20011101.html
>Pretty much bogus.  The followup to criticism was bogus too.
>Consider, for example:
>> C# will JIT'd in Windows. The dynamic optimizations are sure to be
>> implemented. Being coupled to Windows is irrelevant. In fact, C#
>> will have MORE optimization opportunity because it is tied to
>> Windows and Intel. Heck, a C# runtime could get to the level of
>> avoiding CPU pipeline stalls because it can be sure of what its
>> running on. Java could never come close to that.
>Umm.  But every Java JIT knows what platform it's running on, and
>can optimize just as well as any other native code compiler.  The
>man is fundamentally confused, if he can't even distinguish between
>a portable byte-code, and an architecture-specific compiler.  In fact,
>there's no particular reason why a JVM on Windows shouldn't just
>free-ride on top of the same JIT compiler that is doing these
>hypothetical wonderful things for C#.
>Don't even get me started on the nonsense of comparing Java
>performance to C, rather than more comparable C++, and then using that
>to infer that C# ("well, the names are similar, after all")
>performance will be dramatically superior to Java's.
>It gets worse after that.  Bob is not a competent commentator.