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RE: compiler directives; (was: Re: cheerful static typing (was: Any and Every... (was: Eval)))

> This brings up an interesting point.  How do people on this list
> feel about
> allowing compiler directives in programming languages?  The argument I've
> usually heard against them is that they would make the language too
> difficult for Joe Average Programmer and thus shouldn't be allowed.

As long as Joe doesn't have to use compiler directives, I don't think that
it should matter.  This would argue that the default value for compiler
directives should favor people like Joe.  This is the approach in Curl.  If
you don't care about enforced static type checking and don't want to bother
with type declarations, you can do so.  If on the other hand, you want
stringent type checking, you probably are a more sophisticated programmer
and  should have little trouble understanding that you need to specify the
required compiler directive in your code.

- Christopher