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Re: compiler directives; (was: Re: cheerful static typing (was: Any and Every... (was: Eval)))

I'm not sure whether Dan was asking what  Michael meant by compiler-directives, or what I meant.
FWIW, in Curl, the idea is that changing a compiler-directive does not affect the semantics of  a working program (one that has been accepted by the compiler).

Christopher Barber wrote:
Michael Vanier wrote:

This brings up an interesting point.  How do people on this
list feel about
allowing compiler directives in programming languages?
Isn't every expression in a program a compiler directive?

No. The term "compiler directive" refers to meta instructions to the
compiler that may affect how it works in some way, but aren't officially
part of the program (although a directive might be required for a program to
compile, link or run properly). Typical examples are directives that enable
or disable compilation errors or warnings, affect how code is generated, and
so on. Some languages allow compiler directives to be specified in the
code. Others force you to specify directives in the development
environment, for example as command line flags.

- Christopher