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Abstraction mechanics >was Re: SHEEP

On 11-Jan-02 11:36:23 Paul Graham <paulgraham@yahoo.com> wrote:
>--- Timothy Rue <threeseas@earthlink.net> wrote:
>> 3000+  languages in less than 50 or so years should be enough
>> to figure out that the limitations of programming languages
>> are not going to be solved by creating another one.

>I can't agree with this.  Math and science are full of cases
>where someone has come up with the right answer to a problem
>that people had been tripping over for hundreds or even
>thousands of years.

The conversion from the Roman Numerial counting system to the
Hindu-Arabic Decimal system was of what difficulty Level and
how long did it take for it to happen for the majority?

The concept of nothing, zero, having value was how difficult to
comprehend and how did this affect acceptance of the decimal

Perhaps what I'm presenting has a similiar difficulty of
acceptance level?

Timothy Rue
Email @ mailto:timrue@mindspring.com