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Re: Curl, multiple inheritance, and interfaces (was Re: cheerful static typing)

   Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 16:23:51 -0500
   From: "Anton van Straaten" <anton@appsolutions.com>

   I'm saying that unless the class designer explicitly specifies that a class
   supports a particular interface, the fact that it happens to contain a set
   of methods that look like they might belong to that interface isn't good

Yes, I agree completely.  And remember that email I sent a while ago
about how it would be nice if interfaces, in addition to simply
specifying the entrypoint names and their arg types and return types,
could also say more interesting things about their semantics, like
that write("foo") followed by write("bar") is the same as
write("foobar") in the absence of exceptions, or that addition is
commutative, etc?  I think that's a natural extensions or
generalization of what interfaces are really for, and if there were
such features then what you're saying above would be even easier to
see and demonstrate.