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Re: Demystifying continuations

>>>>> ":Kevin" == :Kevin Kelleher <KevinKelleher@usa.net> writes:
 :Kevin> It's quite readable.  I think that now I have a crude
 :Kevin> idea of what continuations are - a continuation is
 :Kevin> a "goto with parameters":  as opposed to a function
 :Kevin> that returns to its caller, a continuation passes
 :Kevin> control to some other function.  It's possible to
 :Kevin> have a programming language in which every function
 :Kevin> ends in a continuation.

You may be confusing continuations with "tail calls".

A tail call can be described as a "goto with parameters" but I really
don't think that's a good description of continuations.  There have
already been some nice descriptions of continuations on this thread,
so I won't add my version.  

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