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Re: continuations in the real world?

Avi Bryant <avi@beta4.com> writes:

> session state.  For those who use it, even (especially?) those who know
> nothing about continuations, it's not just of academic interest to be able
> to layer normal control flow over the HTTP request/response loop and get
> transparent backtracking to boot.  I know from personal experience that
> the use of continuations has a profound simplifying effect on the
> architecture of large web applications, and from what I'm hearing from
> early users of the framework, they're discovering the same thing -
> smalltalkers may not be used to dealing with full continuations, but they
> know good magic when they see it.

If you scale an application over several machines, the use of
continuations require a distributed implementation of the underlying
runtime system. Without such a distributed implementation, which is
the current state for all functional implementations I am aware of,
this lack of scalability is a major problem. May be you have a
different solution or indeed such a distributed runtime system?