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Re: Question about grad schools.

On 2002-04-16T10:54:45-0400, Matthew Estes wrote:
> Hi, this is my first post, and its a question. I'm guessing(hoping) that 
> a large portion of this list is composed graduate students and professors 
> doing research, and as an undergraduate interested in going to grad school
> (I graduate next May) I wanted to know what grad schools are actively 
> doing research in programming languages(and/or computational 
> linguistics). Thanks.

Since you mentioned computational linguistics (a good way to narrow down
your choices)...

Some schools that you should definitely look into, assuming that you are
interested in the intersection between programming languages and natural
languages, are Brown, Rutgers, Stanford, and UPenn.  I mean to include
at least the CS and linguistic programs of each school.  (I'm sure this
is not an exhaustive list.)

Let me also self-promote: Consider Harvard!  I am a PhD student in the
computer science program here, working on relating computational side
effects to natural language semantics.  Monads and continuations galore.

My apologies if such self-promotion is considered inappropriate.

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