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Re: Zen of Python

Paul Graham wrote:
> --Paul Prescod wrote:
> > Avi Bryant wrote:
> > >
> > > ... Languages
> > > like Scheme and Smalltalk, on the other hand, are both quite succint and
> > > extremely regular and explicit, far, far, far more so than Python is.
> >
> > Aside from macros, I see nothing in Scheme that is particularly succinct
> > compared to languages like Perl and Python.
> Continuations.

I will agree that continuations make Scheme powerful and that
continuations make Scheme succinct. But would not agree that the latter
causes the former. Causality goes the other way.
The fact that Scheme eschews succinctness in other areas suggests to me
that its inventors measured power in something other than succinctness.

 Paul Prescod