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RE: various recent ll1 threads

> For example, several weeks ago someone sent me some email
> containing the expression "(+ (* b b) (* 4 a c))"
> and my mind merely said, "Ah, yes, the quadratic discriminant";
> when I re-read the email the next day, I was actually surprised
> to see it was in prefix form, because I had "misremembered" its content
> as "b*b - 4*a*c".

You've achieved true bifixlinguality!

Weren't there some experiments (at MIT iirc) in which students wore glasses
or goggles which inverted everything they saw?  Eventually, their brains
adjusted, and things seemed normal to them.  When they took the goggles off,
it took them just as long to adjust back to "normality".

We should all probably keep that in mind...  :)