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Re: following up on speed

Mike Salib wrote:

>The really weird thing is that the problem posed could be most easily
>solved using associative arrays (hash tables, dictionaries), but none of
>the C++ and java coders did so. Instead, they opted to manually build a
>search tree which was takes a lot more work. In contrast, all of the
>scripting language coders used their the language/library's hash table
>implementation. Even though the java and C++ people had a perfectly good
>hash table implementation available to them, they didn't use it; this is
>not unusual in my experience.
Well, it's extremely unusual in my experience. If anyone on our 
programming team (the BPM
product at eXcelon) had done that, we'd send them straight back the 
drawing board.

>The study is available at
It says that the non-script programmers were computer science master's 
whereas the script programmers were volunteers recruited from Internet 
news groups.
With all due respect to students everywhere, I'm afraid I think this is 
sufficient to explain the results.