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Re: Is Systems Software Research Irrelevant?

For some strange reason this thread caught my attention. <shrug>

Artificial Intelligence is the by-product illusion of automating enough
stuff that ...... well, it'd pass the Turning test. The ability to fool
a human. Now who would want to do that, and why? Don't we have enough of
that already?

It's also worth noting that regarding AI..... nothing is naturally that
stupid. Real intelligence is allways able to go beyond programming, what
you might call the ultimate exception generation. Or maybe I'm confused,
the exception generator being some form of consciousness, not nessasarily
(sp?) intelligence (re: the bottomless pit of flamefests).

Hold on, I'll get to the subject line if it's the last thing I do in this

When I first saw the thread topic I thought it was from the Hurd List,
then I thought it was from the dotgnu list and now I finally realize it's
from the lightweight language list. Ahhhhhh, enlightment.... Good thing
I'm not on a bunch of other lists, huh? Me Rebol sub goes to it's own
group.... And I've heard enough about Tao's Virtual Processor elsewhere.
Geee, I bet you can guess I know about Amiga IPC "ports" where even the
dumba.. end user can tie things together like applications, function
libraries, devices, or even tap into the OS and System GUI... within
limits of the (nature likes three) spectrum of IPC signal/semiphor,
message and memory location(s).

Do I need to put the blender on tornado speed?

Virtual Machines are the effort to create execution engines (of what ever
flavor you want, Firing Squad, Gas Chamber, Gillotine, the simple noose,
etc...) but all of them have one and the same goal. To be able to run a
program hardware independant, send it to heaven compatability on top of
whatever hell of sacrifice.

Programming Languages are the effort to .... well, if there as only one
then it'd have to be machine language, but then the tower of babel... uh
err...abstraction began to be built with Assembly language and then some
higher level languages and again even higher.....so now we have some 3000
plus different ways to ....... try and reach heaven on what kinda looks
like a pyrimid (it aint no tower of pizza, data for sure).

Pot, kettle, black....... Who cares what color it is? let's turn up the
fire and boil it all down........ to get what is described by the ECMA-335
document. Hey look, Alphabet soup.......CLI, CTS, CLS, CIL and for a
little meet (ever notice how chicken taste like everything?) VES.
And that's only what I sea floating ATM, but it all seems to be a
compatable collection of programming concepts and data types in a
have a byte code of soup.

Ya know, if we boil it long enough it will all turn into the same
consistancy. But we still need a bowl to hold it and a spoon to eat it.

Soooo, with this dictionary of programming concepts soup, the Virtual
Machine Bowl, and...... well what's your favorite eating utensil? I like
Chop Sticks myself, you should see me eat soup with them.... I got this
hole drilled ...... well that's a trade secret...

Oh yeah, IS system Software Research Irrelevant? Naw, it's just done gone
virtual, it floats, on water and in air.

Oops! it's several hours later and I gotta use the ..... ladies room...
Ever notice how men can always use the ladies room but ladies can't
always.... well never mind....

Anyway, what are we outputtin? Not only is it platform independant and
language independant but it's also compatable with other shit and even
netable (cheeze cloth filter before reuse - netable edible).

Oh damn, how are we gonna keep the users from figuring out that they too
can put shit to-get-her? Where is heaven gonna be ifn we can't keep
pyrimid base in hell foe support?

There are three type of user interfaces, the command line, the GUI and the
side door IPC (signal/semiphore, message, memory locations). Nature likes
three. But ifn you take the primary color blue out, dem dumb users ain't
gonna sea day sky or anythin day would need side door enlightenment for.

Fresh air, light and a cool brezze way above the stench of hell and te
peon users, there for us to abuse in our god hoods pleasures and AI.

At least until MS comes in with their wide scope well patented general
automation and auto-coding tools of the master software architect,
engineered isoftwar eknowledge base built upon the boiled down standards of
programming concepts and data types. Now you either pay rent for or
the  eusers will do it for themselves, while looking to MS as their
saviour worth to pay gratis to dotDMR.

Didn't you know? Bill Gates is the return of Christ..... but only if you
pay rent for your measly existance.

And the best or worse part is...... You think I'm kidding

We all "know" automating software creation is not possible, right?

But it will be his "System of software" and it won't be irrelevant.

Timothy Rue
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