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Re: Is Systems Software Research Irrelevant?

Sundar Narasimhan wrote:

>  The
>basic problem (to me at least) is that the semantics of operations and
>the co-ordination (what you call choreography -- which is really a
>uni-dimensional expression, usually by a programmer, of what the
>expected sequence of operations is) is left either "unspecified", or
>worse, specified in artifacts that are not in-the-source -- such as
>IDL/WSDL files etc. In this sort of situation, you run into problems
>of "who will maintain the "choreography" file and ensure that the code
>gets regenerated when it changes" etc.

Yes, that's the problem.  In ebXML, the choreography is very explicitly 
written out and known
by both sides. There's an XML-based specification called the BPSS 
(Business Process something
Specification) that's defined very explicitly, so that both sides agree 
on the sequencing of
messages back and forth.

Adam Bosworth says more about asynchronous communication and defined 
in this interview:


-- Dan