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Re: Scriptometer: measuring the ease of SOP (Script Oriented Programming)of programming languages

Ken Anderson wrote:
> I like your ideas, and that this is a good topic for a LL2 talk!

Sorry I wasn't clear. None of these are my ideas. They are Mark 
Hammond's ideas.

> Howie Shrobe once told me to optimize for flexibility.  I think the 
> importance of being dynamic increases every day. 

I think that's the idea behind Parrot.

> However, why don't we start by using the "popular (gag)" VM's and taking 
> the performance hit.  We'll be relatively happy.  In exchange for 
> performance  we get a giant number of libraries we can provide 
> convenient interfaces too, relatively easily.

Sometimes performance matters. Zope is a whole server side content 
management system written totally in Python. They couldn't give up on 
any performance. Also, don't forget the value in having access to *C* 
libraries. Many of those are still more interesting than their Java 

I think that CPython/JPython, Ruby/JRuby will continue with their 
bifurcated strategy for the foreseeable future.

  Paul Prescod