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"KA" == Ken Anderson <kanderson@bbn.com> writes:

  KA> This got me thinking about JScheme. 

Since JScheme was mentioned, I thought people might be interested to
know about SISC. Info below.

--- Vladimir

Vladimir G. Ivanovic                        http://leonora.org/~vladimir
2770 Cowper St.                                         vladimir@acm.org
Palo Alto, CA 94306-2447                                 +1 650 678 8014



SISC is an extensible Java based interpreter of the algorithmic language
Scheme. SISC uses modern interpretation techniques, and handily
outperforms all existing Java interpreters (often by more than an order
of magnitude).

In addition, SISC is a complete implementation of the language. The
entire R5RS Scheme standard is supported, no exceptions. This includes a
full number tower including complex number support, arbitrary precision
integers and floating point numbers, as well as hygenic R5RS macros,
proper tail recursion, and first-class continuations (not just the
escaping continuations as in many limited Scheme systems). SISC also
attempts to implement the standard as correctly as possible, while still
providing exceptional performance.

SISC also provides useful real-world extensions, such as networking,
elegant exception handling, a scope-friendly module system, support for
SLIB, numerous SRFIs, and a Java foreign-function interface.

Finally, native functionality can be added through the use of Modules,
extensions that may add new types, values, and functions to the
language. These extensions can be packaged into scopable modules at the
Scheme level as well.

SISC is released simultaneously under the terms of the Mozilla Public
License (MPL) v1.1 and the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2.
Users/Developers may choose which ever license suits their goals.