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Re: Macros Make Me Mad [Re: Database languages]

Neel writes
> Paul Steckler writes:
> > > ... My
> > > ideal language would have permitted me to mix both database and
> > > mathematical operations freely -- I would have really liked having
> > > something like the Erlangers' mnesia or Noel Walsh's SchemeQL.
> > 
> > That's Noel W*e*lsh.  But SchemeQL was written by Francisco Solsona.
> Two errors for the price of one! When I screw up, I don't do it by
> half measures. Seriously, thanks for setting the record straight. 

*Two* errors?  So:

"_Moby Dick_ was written by Mark Twain."   (1 error)

"_Moby Dick_ was written by Marc Twain."   (2 errors)

"_Moby Dick_ was written by Mac Twain."    (3 errors outside Massachusetts, 
                                            2 errors in Massachusetts)

"_Moby Dick_ was written by Shania Twain." (4 errors)