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Re: macros vs. blocks

"AvS" == Anton van Straaten <anton@appsolutions.com> writes:

  AvS> For those who haven't already seen it, Oleg Kiselyov gives a good
  AvS> summary of the case for macros in this presentation:
  AvS> http://okmij.org/ftp/papers/Macros-talk.pdf

Just FYI, I don't recall any mention of the chapters about macros in
Paul Graham's book "On Lisp: Advanced Techniques for Common Lisp".

   7. Macros
   8. When to use Macros
   9. Variable Capture
  10. Other Macro Pitfalls
  11. Classic Macros
  12. Generalized Variables
  13. Computation at Compile-Time
  14. Anaphoric Macros
  15. Macros Returning Functions
  16. Macro-Defining Macros
  17  Read-Macros
  18. Destructuring
  19. A Query Compiler (an example of macro use)

--- Vladimir

P.S. In the preface of that book, Paul attributes to Sean (John)
Foderaro a quote that I particularly like:
          Lisp is a programmable programming language.

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