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Re: pretty-lambdas

Guy Steele - Sun Microsystems Labs <Guy.Steele@sun.com> writes:

> Or, in Connection Machine Lisp:

What became of Connection Machine Lisp? I recently stumbled on the
publications about the CM and data-parallel programming, and found it
all very enjoyable. I would especially like to hear more about how CMs
were (are?) used, what turned out well and what didn't, and so
on. Perhaps someone has the inclination to write something about the
CM in the spirit of the "History of T" that Olin Shivers posted here a
year or so ago? That would be very interesting.

A colleague tells me that CMs were mostly programmed in *Lisp, which I
hadn't heard of. Just yesterday I also stumbled on a *Lisp manual and
implementation (in Common Lisp) on ftp.sunet.se.

(Stumbling is good fun indeed :-))