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RE: pretty-lambdas

 	(x y) (+ x y)
	So now I wonder idly.. how many other languages can do something like
	this (given this discussion started out re. macros after all :) --
	i.e. modify the base syntax for introducing something so basic.

	Python, Perl, Ruby, Smalltalk? Perhaps?

REBOL borrows principles of human language in its design, so this level of flexibility is fundamental and trivial. 

In the same way we morph words to express new meanings (i.e., breakfast + lunch = brunch), in REBOL one defines new vocabularies and verbs, with open invitation to modify the behavior of the base language.  Very little is sacred; nearly the entire semantic facade of the language is available for sculpting. 

Expressions interpreted by REBOL are like words to the human ear (or bytes to a CPU)-- there is scarcely a perceptible division between code and data. Which, unfortunately may add more suppleness than many programmers are comfortable with.

I could post any number of examples, but I'm a bit embarrassed that I may have misunderstood your post.

/ Ed