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Re: advice for parrot vm gc

At 7:27 PM -0500 1/1/03, Mitchell N Charity wrote:
>The parrot vm folks are currently puzzling over garbage collection, so
>perhaps someone who as "been there and done that" might contribute an
>insightful word.

Just out of curiosity, why didn't they just start with
the Boehm collector?

>>From Steve Fink <steve@fink.com>, To: P6I <perl6-internals@perl.org>.
>    Many of our tinderbox failures result from architecture-specific
>    shortcomings in our current root set scanning code. The whole
>    stackwalk/register scan is also rather slow, as Peter Gibbs showed a
>    few decades back. (Okay, so it was probably only about a year ago.) In
>    pondering the problem, I found myself reinventing several solutions
>    that have already been proposed, and in many cases implemented, by
>    other people. So I decided to summarize the various approaches in
>    hopes that something will jump out at someone. I would be grateful if
>    interested people could check this over and
>      (1) tell me what I have wrong or am overlooking (especially with
>	respect to longjmp() -- I have the feeling that it's a bigger
>	problem than I realize),
>      (2) point out what's wrong with my "variant 5: generational
>	stack",
>       and/or
>      (3) propose something else that solves the whole problem neatly.
>   [...]
>Re vocabulary - "PMC", "Perl Magic Cookie", is simply a unit of allocation.
>Mitchell Charity