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RE: A language idea: Elle

> It's great you were inspired by Todd's talk.  But your
> description of Elle is too sketchy to get a sense of it.  I
> need to see some code.

I'm working on it :-D

> Building on Java and J2EE maybe good, going from weak to
> strong typing through type inferensing, sounds interesting.
> (I prefer "dynamic vs static" to "weak vs strong", each is
> strong or weak in its own way.)  Automatic XML processing
> seems interesting, are you heading toward web services?

Not towards Web Services... I'm not trying to take something people are
already doing, namely writing web applications with Java, and feeling
around for a part of the "market" that is underserviced.

IMO, the current state of the Java art is just like the "market"
serviced by cable excavators: big, huge, bureaucratic. Companies that
want every buzzword. In fact, I am using a certain well-known J2EE tool
on a project right now, and it is obvious to me that the people who buy
this tool don't actually use it.

But here's this "edge case": smaller projects, smaller teams. For
whatever reason, they want to stay in touch with the J2EE world, but
they're the kind of people that consider Google their tech support
resource. So they're using Tomcat, Struts, and maybe even MySQL for
really small deployments.

A lot of those folks are sighing at how useful the LAMP ("Linux, Apache,
MySQL, Perl") architecture is. So how do you make something that easy,
but still keep it buzzword-compatible?

Warm regards...

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