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Re: Excavators [was: A language idea: Elle]

Reginald Braithwaite-Lee <raganwald@yahoo.com> writes:

> Now, JunkWare or not, I know it is being used. It's being used because
> clients and managers read the Analyst's reports, read the Press
> Releases on Yahoo, and know that nobody ever got fired for telling
> someone else they have to use JunkWare.

These are the kind of economic times when people need to worry less
about losing their jobs and more about losing their companies.

> And perhaps it does solve its problem incredibly well. But I'm looking
> at a smaller problem (200-300 web pages, 50-100 RDBMS tables) where the
> tools that work well are difficult to "sell" to the people (clients,
> managers) that have decision-making authority.

If success is a hard sell to the decision-makers, you're working with
the wrong decision-makers.