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Re: What would your ideal language be like...

That last went off before I was ready.

If I could design a language...

well, couldn't I?

I would rather say what my ideal language would contain;
the gripes I have with most of the languages I find.  My
ideal would have:

- a small footprint
- easy to do file i/o
- GOOD DOCUMENTATION, and in particular, a good tutorial
- a shallow end and a deep end, by which I mean that it
    should be easy to do simple things, but abstruse features
    should be in there as well
- easy to manipulate strings
- good interface to the operating system

I don't think it's a lot to ask, but I've often found myself
reading language descriptions or manuals, and after
five chapters found nothing about how to open a file...

At that point I lose interest.

Kevin Kelleher <kkell@znet.com>