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Re: Industry versus academia

   >Dan: (a) may be true, but you are perhaps wrong about (b). You can buy
   >and build on such things today.
   I'd be interested in knowing more about that.  What products exist that 
   do the kind of "automatic
   programming" you're talking about, that are being used by "mainline" 
   customers like insurance
   companies and stock exchanges and banks and phone companies?

I wouldn't characterize it as "automatic programming" because I know
that in academia (esp. at the AI Lab) that tends to mean something
very different. I'd suggest that you peruse the marketecture of the
Ilog solution / case studies on their web site. Then if you sign up
for their webcast/training -- they will show you a case study that's
actually something they did for the insurance industry (if you can
arrange it). Because of recent compliance requirements, I know of
several projects/underway in the financial industry as well (Spitzer
having effect I imagine), but I can't talk too much about them. I
don't know much about telecom, but I'd imagine that health-care (w/
HIPAA grand-fathering clauses ending in June 03) could potentially use
such solutions as well.

(Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Ilog. RETE engines have
been around for a long time, it's just that industry seems to be
re-discovering that technology, and computers seem to have gotten fast
enough that even with Java instrospection thrown in, such tools
actually provide reasonable performance -- and there are other
BusinessRules companies besides Ilog. I'm just using them as an

   >yes, I'm trying to make this happen thru official and unofficial
   >channels :) (vote for bug# 32589 on www.eclipse.org).
Thank you. Now if you could just talk to Fritz @ Franz -- and
have them do a set of Eclipse plugins for Allegro maybe we'll see
Common Lisp back on the upswing (I'm only half kidding :)