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Re: Y Store now C++

> Date: 25 Feb 2003 03:48:49 -0000
> From: Paul Graham <pg@archub.org>
> I should mention that they actually have just done this.  A
> rewritten version (C++ and Perl) just launched in Jan.

If their requirements never change again, I guess they can just declare 
victory and move on to the next project before anyone notices.  If 
maintenance of the C++ becomes expensive, maybe they'll send that work 
abroad until it too becomes expensive.

Are there projects out there that have been "saved" by going the other 
way, say, from C++ to Lisp?

If Lisp programmers are the "fittest," I wonder that I don't see more 
Darwinian long-term survival of Lisp projects.  Emacs is an exception.  
It was built so that others could make enhancements, and the number of 
contributors is impressive.

What is in the DNA of Emacs that makes it endure and grow?  I'm sure 
the GPL adds momentum to the process, but there's a technical basis to 
its growth too.