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Re: Y Store now C++

On Tuesday, February 25, 2003, at 01:06 AM, Daniel Weinreb wrote:
> Indeed, applets (browser-side Java in general) never turned out to be 
> nearly
> as important as they once seemed
> that they might be, not for lack of trying on the part of Sun or 
> Netscape, and
> indeed basically nobody made money off applets.

In fact, applets raise my blood pressure with their hint of danger.  An 
applet is like the hot date that dazzles when it actually happens, but 
can disappoint just as easily.  Soon you want reliability over glamour.

I've seen large projects get yanked or change direction suddenly 
because of applet compatibility issues.  Some institutions have very 
strict guidelines on which JREs and browsers may be installed, and if 
your applet doesn't load for whatever reason, it can make the rest of 
an otherwise beautiful project look bad.