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Re: Y Store now C++

   >>Java was hardly the only language to provide important benefits over C/C++,
   >such as..
   Most of the languages we discuss on this list.

   >People need to make cashflow and payroll this month! What other
   >languages were true contenders circa that time frame? (Remember: we
   >already had/have production apps in Lisp -- so I'm looking for what
   >were "new" solutions at that point in time frame that I might have
   >missed :)
   Why, at any given time, was anyone constrained to only use a "new" language?

Dan we are not communicating. I didn't say we wanted a "new" language
let alone "only" a new language.  (And don't get me wrong, I tried
with C++, with Lisp, we even had a project in Smalltalk and one in VB
-- each had to be reasonably large so we could seriously try it out --
not just read a paper or two, write a Hello World and make a
decision). In fact as it turned out, significant portions of "some" of
our apps ended up using Lisp and leveraging the framework/code we
already had.

There are problems that I had in 94-95 that were not solved by
languages that were available then -- as there are today. Some of them
I could paper over with JNI calling fortran or C. And many of the
languages that people discuss on this list weren't around in the time
frame I'm talking about. I am saying I've talked to people who made
decisions to adopt Java in their work, and that they seemed
intelligent and not the kind to be swayed by marketing hype alone..

Never mind. It seems you and I don't see Java's history the same
way. Let's just leave it at that.