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Re: Y Store /Closures

> The other dimension that I've been struggling to understand is how
> these facilities interact with modern load-balancers. Having the state
> maintained in a file/db allows for the machine that serves the "next"
> page hit to be a different one than the first (as j2ee or .net
> environments do). Is passing cps/vm state between multiple cpu's a
> well understood problem in Smalltalk or Scheme these days -- maybe
> there's been progress on this problem that I am unware of. 

I'm sure this varies with the implementation, but at least some J2EE
environments attempt to redirect all interactions within a single
session to the same server so that state can be maintained in
memory.  If it has to go to another server, there is a more
expensive serialize-transfer-unserialize process that takes place.
The load balancer effectively works at the session level instead of
the request level.  I assume that also means that a server restart
will lose the state for the sessions it was hosting but I'm not

- Russ