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Re: Y Store /Closures

Avi Bryant wrote:

>On Sat, 1 Mar 2003, Daniel Weinreb wrote:
>>>The real problem is that snapshotting is expensive
>>Indeed. What's needed here is something cheap enough to do on every request.
>Ideally, yes.  In most cases I would consider forcing a user to
>restart their current transaction in the (hopefully) unlikely case of a
>server going down to be an acceptable level of inconvenience.  I just
>checked, and snapshotting a session currently takes from 100-500ms or so on my machine,
>so this is probably a tradeoff I'll have to live with for now.
I've sort of been interested in this for a long time, since I was in the 
"persistent storage
of programming language data" game from about 1985 - 1999 or something. 
are some programming langauge data constructs that are easier to "store 
than others, and things like continuations and coroutines seem to be 
high on the list.
We can debate about "acceptable level of inconvenience" in this case, 
but in general
the problem of saving state persisently seems to be one drawback to 
state as continuations.