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Re: Carpentry (was: learning languages)

On 15-Mar-03 19:57:39 Francois-Rene Rideau <fare@tunes.org> wrote:
>On Sat, Mar 15, 2003 at 11:58:55AM -0500, Adam Turoff wrote:
>> I don't know if the differences *can* be addressed.  Much of the
>> differences in programmer capabilities mimic the same kinds of
>> distributions found with other endeavors.
>> If you look at carpentry, there is a definite bell-curve distribution
>> in skills. [...]
>Hum. This opens two burning questions:
>1) what kind of carpenter was Jesus?
>2) more to the point of this list, which kind of hatchett should
>carpenters use: sharp ones, or dull ones?
>	http://www.econlib.org/library/Bastiat/basSoph5.html#S.2,%20Ch.3,%20The%20Tw
>	o%20Hatchets

>Actually, I'd guess this list would be about making better hatchetts.
>Except that carpenters don't make hatchets -- toolsmiths do.
>On the contrary, programmers make both the furniture
>AND the tools with which to build the furniture,
>and something the house in which to put it all, too.

>We manipulate universal machines, and that distinguishes our activity,
>for better or for worse, from most other activities.
>And this list is _precisely_ about the specificities of universal machines.

>> You're the only person who is linking differences between programmers to
>> genetic superiority.  I certainly never mentioned, asserted or implied it.
>Just because there are no cheaply ascertainable relationship between
>programmers' genome and their skills does not mean that such relationships
>don't exist. My! I am a much better programmer than most llamas, and I'll
>bet my shirt that this is completely traceable to genetic differences.

>All that to say that politically correct relativism sucks.
>Yes, we're different. And yes, we are superior in many ways.
>There I said it. Superior. S U P E R I O R.
>Of course, I can also see quite a few ways in which we are inferior.

>Sorry for this interruption. Now, back to your usual programs.
>Or preferrably, onward to new programs that no men programmed before!

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>] Racism consists in attributing to genetics that which is due to memetics.
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Silly People, don't cha know, all peoples are created equal, for we all
put things together, and regardless of who we are.... from kids putting
blocks together to rocket scientists puting things together to figure out
how to put other things together.... and we all use the same set of action
constants to do these things.

What is programming but the act of automating bit manipulation complexity,
which is made of simpler things, so that the complexity is easier to use
and reuse. And this process is recursively repetitive. Meaning, nobody
knows the complex details of everything, but working together and using the
expertise of each other in team to fill in the details, we can go a lot
further in advancements then we can in playing superior elitist sand box
bullies unwilling to share the toys.

So we have in common the small set of action constants and the recursively
repetitive act of programming, or automating what is in essence,
abstractions. And we do this thru abstraction manipulation machines, the
tool of automation machines we have labeled "computer".

To think you are special, is to only distort the truth and make others
feel they are less then you. To deceive them into believing the
complexities you have fabracated out of nothing, are beyond their ability
to understand, if not their resources. Do you speak the klingon language

As to christ, well some people think I'm the return of christ, but then
there are the jews and the muslims, etc... and in sum total under one god,
etc... there has to be a multi-fit for that to be true. Others called me
NEO before the movie ever came out and said "lucky SOB" after it did.

but consider: threeseas.net (I'm busy, gotta get to double time sunday
work). See mind.threeseas.net sub domain home page for some info on there
action constants, the matrix Nebachadnezzar characters. See the code at
the subdomain vic.threeseas.net .... and you can help build it if you
want, but you have to understand the user name and password to enter, why
it is what it is. Why you cannot place constraints on physical phenomenon
of the natural laws of abstraction creation and use. That it is fpor
everyone, noit just some mentally deficient elitist.

I am a carpenter and I can miss the picture hanging nail with teh best of
them, build the finest of furniture and for a living go way beyond just
building furniture, but I've never built a house, least not outside the
tradeshow industry... And I assure you all, building stuff in physical 3D
reality is by far making use of more and different materials than the
simple transistor switch of the abstract bit.

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