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Re: what most every language is missing :-)

On 2003-03-28T17:17:08-0500, Dan Sugalski wrote:
> With more interesting systems it can also be used as a spot to split 
> the execution stream and assign weights to the new streams, deferring 
> final evaluation of the results until you've enough information, or 
> have reached a stopping point and have to generate some random 
> numbers, to collapse the system to a final result.

With even more interesting systems you can collapse the system to a
*specified* final result.  That is, you can make random choices at
the beginning of your program, then require that its final output be
a certain value.  You can then ask what the initial random choices are
likely to be to give rise to the final output that you specified.


A special case of this technique is the algorithm TeX uses to break
paragraphs into lines (where you specify that the final output look

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