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This just in: Yahoo Store switches back to lisp

In a move which surprised industry analysts, Yahoo, Inc. has confirmed that
the software which runs Yahoo Store, which was in the process of being
converted from its original implementation in the computer language lisp to
the C++ language, will be converted back into lisp as soon as possible.  A
Yahoo spokesman, who requested anonymity, had this to say: "Boy, that was
really embarrassing.  See, the reason we wanted to get rid of lisp is that
none of us could read any of the code because of all those silly
parentheses.  But just last week, we found a text editor (called "emacs", I
think) which has this amazing feature -- it actually can highlight the
opening parenthesis that corresponds to a closing parenthesis.  That just
blew us all away.  Once we had that killer feature, we knew that it was in
our long-term interests to go back to lisp -- it's much more flexible than
C++.  Unfortunately, we'd already converted everything to C++ already... if
any lisp programmers are reading this, you might want to fax us your
resume."  The spokesman went on to say that he'd heard great things about
something called "closures", which he believed were a way to seal code
against bugs or something like that.

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