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Re: Paul Graham's PyCon Keynote

On Thursday 10 April 2003 16:17, Paul Graham wrote:
> Graphics is one of the special applications I was careful
> to exempt from such predictions.  I expect that it (along
> with e.g. cryptography and simulations) will continue to have
> special-purpose hardware and languages to match.  --pg

Make of this what you will: The DoD's "next generation," applied AI
simulation system, which will cost several hundreds of millions of
dollars -- the OneSAF "Objective System" -- is being written in Java.


It's kind of interesting that one of the chief designers worked on
BBN's Butterfly Lisp parallel processing system (I think he worked the
parallel GC aspect).  And yet, given his experience, they are writing
special purpose tactical languages and interpreters/VMs.

(With apologies to Tolkein, "...OneSAF to bring them all and into
darkness bind them...")


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