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LSM2003/VHLL Annoucement

The 2003 Libre Software Meeting (LSM) will take place  this year in Metz
(North-East  of France) from July,  9th to July, 12th.  I have taken the
responsibility for the VHLL track (Very High Level Languages) originally
initiated by Robert  Strandh  and headed  by   him for the  first  three
editions. I will be pleased to welcome in Metz all people interested in
VHLL and who will contribute to the success of the 2003 LSM.

This track is meant to show how those high level languages such as Lisp,
Scheme and their   derivatives, ML, Python,  etc. increase productivity,
quality, fiability,  ease of maintenance  in the  context of developping

Developpers who want  to  share  their  experience in this   domain  are
invited to contact me. Subjects may include :
- development of tools or platforms
- comparison between languages
- developper's experiences using VHLL
- ...

You will find more information about the LSM2003 by browsing
http://rencontresmondiales.org. The web site is frequently updated.

Yours sincerely,

Fabrice Popineau
e-mail:       Fabrice.Popineau@supelec.fr  |  The difference between theory 
voice-mail:   +33 (0) 387764715            |  and practice, is that
surface-mail: Supelec, 2 rue E. Belin,     |  theoretically,
	      F-57070 Metz 	           |  there is no difference !