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RE: Erlang type system and static vs. dynamic types

> 2. There's absolutely no reason a test suite coverage tool can't work
> with a statically-typed language, and indeed the large slew of
> coverage-related tools for Java, Ada, C/C++ [again, caveats apply],
> etc bear witness to that.  In contrast, I don't know of great coverage
> tools for Scheme and their ilk.  How good are the coverage tools for
> Curl?  Are they in the Surge Lab?  Where?

Yes, there are coverage tools for Curl, but are not well integrated into the IDE
at the current time and are not fully supported.  You can get coverage
information in a number of ways:

  1) Use --coverage flag with 'curl' executable when running a Curl script.

         > curl --coverage all my-script.xcurl

  2) Run the script using the coverage-viewer.xcurl script, which ships with the
     for a graphical display:

         > curl coverage-viewer.xcurl --all my-script.xcurl

     This can also be used to view previously collected data.

  3) Roll your own using contents of the CURL.COVERAGE.DATA and

You can also use the tool to count the number of times each coverage point was