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Re: A plea for a new old language

Sure they can walk away... it's called "quitting" ;-)  Though I think the
reverse happens more often: the boss nixes a novel idea because he doesn't
understand it.  See the Dilbert archives for voluminous evidence.

Actually, I think one of the big successes of open source languages is
borrowing advanced language concepts and making them more accessible to
programmers without an academic background.  For instance, many people
first see lambda expressions in a language like python, or continuations in
a language like Ruby.  Some of these will learn scheme and lisp to find out
where these ideas came from.

I see an opportunity here for parrot to educate programmers on the use of
CPS.  There's no reason to shy away from it.


> Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 12:54:36 -0500
> From: Matt Hellige <matt@immute.net>
> Maybe this is an argument in favor of a more traditional employment
> relationship where programmers can't simply walk away from a project
> when faced with something they don't yet undrestand... Look, for
> example, at the success of Erlang. Would that ever have happened in an
> open source environment?
> Matt
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