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Re: A plea for a new old language

There is a JavaScript implementation with tail call elimination and 
first-class continuations: ftp://ftp.primaryinterface.com/pub/rhino.  
The README in that directory contains more details.

(Aside: this Rhino version is used to implement the Cocoon control flow 
layer : http://www.webweavertech.com/ovidiu/weblog/archives/000042.html)

Dan Sugalski wrote:

> So, the plea. Someone, anyone, *please* thump a procedural and/or OO 
> language to add in continuations. *Please*. If I had a base of folks 
> mildly familiar with continuations that didn't have a pavlovian 
> reaction to them things would be a lot better for me, and while that's 
> not going to happen maybe it will for the next slob that gets stuck 
> writing a language core. I'm trying to get Larry to do it with Perl 6, 
> but that's a ways off. Ruby does them but it's a little-used feature. 
> Beyond that... well, AFAIK, beyond that there's nothing. And I'd 
> really like there to be.