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Re: Testing the case against XP

On Thursday, May 15, 2003, at 11:25 AM, R. Clayton wrote:
>   Jerry -- I'm confused. How do you write unit tests say for the 
> Travelling
>   Salesman Problem :)
> Ah, but don't you see - you're illustrating his point (if even in 
> jest).  The
> very fact that you're confused about writing a test case should lead 
> you,
> eventually, to the possibility that your attempt to include the TSP as 
> part of
> the solution is perhaps not the best approach to take.

As he noted, UIs and data driven apps have the same problem(of test 
coverage being minimal at best). Must those approaches be abandoned in 
order to use your methodology?

"Statically typed languages are like American sports cars.
They go fast, but only in a straight line"