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Re: Jargon [<- Re: On the "Darwinian Theory of Legal Obfuscation"]

>  We *need* words to describe 
> these concepts; if not these words, than which ones?  It also obviously wouldn't be 
> efficient to do a string-replace in every conversation of the words with sentences or 
> paragraphs that explain them to the uninitiated.

I think the prefered solution is to employ user modeling and let peopple choose which notation system works best for them. Then you can serve up a circumlocution to an end user *and* tell him or her what the correct "term of art" is.

There is no reason why a block of code can't be mapped to more than one surface structure, S-expressions for Scheme folks, C type definitions for others, and semi-verbose English for End Users just getting their feet wet with high level application scripting.

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