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Re: Source filters

Michael Vanier wrote:

>Much as I hate to compliment perl ;-) ;-), that's pretty effing amazing.  I
>wonder what the original motivation was for this feature.  
Your wish is my command--the paper by Damien Conway about his 
Perl-in-Latin module, Lingua::Romana::Perligata:


About Damien Conway (from this page http://www.manning.com/Conway/  
of his publisher, Manning, who published his book, "Object Oriented Perl" ):

> Damian Conway holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and is currently a 
> Senior Lecturer in Computer Science and Software Engineering at Monash 
> University in Melbourne, Australia. He has written numerous technical 
> and scientific papers, as well as a textbook on advanced 
> object-oriented techniques in C++. He is the author of numerous 
> popular Perl modules, including: Parse::RecDescent, Text::Balanced, 
> Getopt::Declare, Lingua::EN::Inflect, Tie::SecureHash, and 
> Class::Multimethod (available from your local CPAN mirror).
> Damian Conway is one of the most active members of the Perl community 
> and has just been named the recipient of the first ever YAS Perl 
> DevelopmentGrant awarded by Yet Another Society, which will allow him 
> to entirely devote the next year to writing and lecturing on Perl and 
> working on related projects. He is a highly sought presenter at Perl 
> conferences, is a contributor to the Perl Journal and is the 
> three-time winner of the annual Larry Wall award for Practical Utility.

P.S. Not that anyone on this list would likely be interested :-)
but... Conway's book, "Object Oriented Perl" is rather well done--
after recapitulating Perl's features in one chapter he then goes deep 
into the implications and applications of OOP in Perl.
There are sample chapters--recommended, particularly the first one:

This may (or may not) contain different material:

FWIW,  the book is also available in electronic format from manning.com 
for half the print price.

And: Damien's homepage:   http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~damian/index.html

We return you now to our regularly scheduled discussion of Painters and 
Hackers, already in progress..