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Re: another take on hackers and painters

At 3:42 PM -0700 5/22/03, Michael Vanier wrote:
>  > Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 15:17:32 -0700
>>  From: "Brent Fulgham" <brent.fulgham@xpsystems.com>
>>  > > It is amazingly extensible, and extremely useful.  Of course,
>>  > > it's probably a theoretical nightmare, but then again so is
>>  > > quantum mechanics... :-P
>>  >
>>  > Have we mentioned that perl does that, too? There are modules to do
>>  > both quantum entanglement and uncertain scalar state in perl....
>>  Dan, please.  I'm trying to help you out -- and you're just making
>>  things harder.  ;-)
>>  Next thing you know, you'll tell me it's possible to generate Perl
>>  error messages as Haiku or something... :-P
>But can it generate *quantum* Haiku error messages, in Latin, where each
>line of the error message is a palindrome?

Not yet, but I'll pass it on to Damian, in case he gets bored. Just 
remember, you asked for it... :-)

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