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Re: What's so cool about Scheme?

For me, the attraction of Scheme is the kind of elegant, extensible 
software it promotes, most recently GIMP, before that, Emacs.  Both 
give me, the user, the power to add, customize or delete to my heart's 
content.  OK, Emacs is Lisp, but I do most of my Scheme development in 
Emacs, and look to Lisp for advice as though it were a favorite uncle.  
There's also MIT's Scheme version of Emacs.

[ Aside-- Speaking of Emacs in other languages, I heard there was a 
Java Emacs (true?), and that reminds me that Guy Steele, in a standing 
room only MIT talk on Java years ago, challenged listeners to 
reimplement Emacs in Java.  It sounds as though that finally happened.  
Does it feel the same as the Emacs we all know? ]

Geoffrey S. Knauth | http://knauth.org/gsk