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Re: What's so cool about Scheme?

Guy Steele - Sun Microsystems Labs <Guy.Steele@sun.com> writes:

>    From: Mike Newhall <mike@newhall.net>
>    	As an aside, although I don't remember the exact argument, Christian
>    Queinnec in LISP In Small Pieces made the case that, although many people
>    consider objects to be 'poor man's closures', closures are in fact poor
>    man's objects (in his opinion).
> A closure is an object that supports exactly one method: "apply".

I don't think one can meaningfully discuss clusures vs. objects
without considering the related syntactic issues -- i.e. the relative
ease of creation and use of those types of entities, the naturality
and acceptedness of language idioms that use them, etc.

it's probably futile to compare clusures and objects, other than from
some purely theoretical standpoint, without taking into account a
concrete language.

Let's start preparing for the future.  Now's a good time, since it's
already here.
                -- David L. Andre