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Re: What's so cool about Scheme?

Steve Dekorte wrote:

> I didn't catch who was implementing the collector - are you saying you 
> implement it? If so, where in the  EOPL book does it describe the 
> implementation of a collector?

It doesn't.  But older versions of my lecture notes describe GC
strategies.  (For the latest version, I decided it made more sense to
just link to Wilson's excellent survey instead.)

If you want to build a GC simply for educational purposes, you can do
it with the material in these notes.  (Indeed, my students implement
1-3 garbage collectors (operating over safe data) in a week or two in
my course.)

If you want to get a system up-and-running quickly with GC, you can
use B"ohm's conservative collector pretty much off-the-shelf.

If you really want to build a fine-tuned collector, you're probably
going to have to do a lot more reading first ...