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On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, Scott McKay wrote:

> (*) It was not a goal for the Dylan environment to be
> programmable, so a user could not do this programmatically.
> You could do it by going into Deuce (its editor), editing
> all the subclasses of <Foo>, and then executing a count
> lines command in the "composite" buffer created by the
> "edit subclasses" command.  Of course, you could also
> edit the composite buffer and save the changes, which
> would write everything back into its proper home.

By the way, Scott, this sounds very cool.  I like the idea of a composite
buffer that remembers the origin of each of its chunks - I might try to
implement that in Squeak. Are the chunks visually separated at all?  Do
you have any screenshots?

It's too bad Fun-O never did a Linux port of the environment (I know they
did an alpha port of the compiler), I'd love to have a chance to play with
it more extensively.