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Re: I'd rather edit my spreadsheet with a text editor

Dave Long wrote:
>>                                                        (Hom many
>>real-world spreadsheets do you suppose have an unnoticed error due
>>to a stray keypress?)
> It'n not uncommon:
> <http://www.cs.uml.edu/~hgoodell/EndUser/blend/papers/Margaret_Burnett_et_al.html>
>>There is a substantial body of research showing that spreadsheets often
>>contain bugs. For example, field audits of real-world spreadsheets have
>>found that 20-40% of these contain bugs, and that between 1% and 4% of
>>all cells contain bugs [Teo and Tan 1997]. 

But to be fair: what percentage of computer programs written in text 
files contain bugs?

  Paul Prescod