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On Mon, 16 Jun 2003, Robert Feldt wrote:

> Agreed. Matz seems to value succinctness/conciseness very high though so
> this might be in their name (but macros would often make things even more
> succinct I think so why not there? ;) ).
Just found matz slides form his ll2 talk and his "bullet points" about
syntax was:

* Syntax should be stable
    * Human brain is not good at handling multiple rules
       * Especially not if they change from place to place
    * Act against macros
       * It's powerful, too powerful

His view seems to be along the lines "Succinctness is good and its good
to allow some syntactic alternatives, but syntax should be stable (once you've learned
it!) so macros is one step too far"...


Robert Feldt