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RE: Looking for quote on static vs dynamic typing

> From: Michael Vanier [mailto:mvanier@cs.caltech.edu]
> Not me.  But it's interesting.  Usually the argument goes the 
> other way:
>   Early on in a project, as code is rapidly evolving, you want dynamic
>   typing to keep as many design options open as possible. 
> When the code has
>   matured (it's well tested and not changing much), you want 
> more static
>   typing for efficiency and to help root out obscure bugs that may be
>   waiting to manifest themselves.
> The Dylan language, for one, explicitly adopted the above philosophy.
> Mike

Sorry (I wasn't as clear as I should've been).

I don't think someone on the list made the quote. I think that someone
posted (copied) the quote to the list, or a link to it.

Of course, it's possible that I came across it from some other source, and
I'm just hopelessly confused. OTOH, if there's a better group of people to
ask, I'd love to know...

I though the quote was interesting *because* it's the opposite of what you
think of as the usual argument.

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