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CPS in Parrot (was: A plea for a new old language)

In the interest of bringing some closure to this thread, let me
juxtapose these two quotes:

On 05/07/2003, Dan Sugalski wrote:

 > I just spent part of last night and a bit of this morning putting
 > together a layman's explanation of continuation passing style. I
 > have, at this point, finally realized how useful it is in some
 > circumstances and the possibilities it gives for runtime
 > optimization. I like it, and I *really* want to switch Parrot over
 > to a CPS. (Or is that "CPS style"?) The languages I care about
 > aren't going to pay any more for the things that continuations
 > require.
 > But I can't.
 > Continuations, bluntly, give people the screaming heebie-jeebies.

On 07/29/2003, Dan Sugalski wrote

The uncertainty about their utility has been dealt with. Partly
because of some of the needs that parrot has, and I'll talk about
that a bit later, and partly because I've just gotten more
comfortable with them. I had a fair amount of lingering discomfort
with them that needed dealing with. The fear about scaring people
off with them is gone as well--I understand them, I know how to
explain them to people quickly and reasonably simply, and in a way
that can deal with the knee-jerk fear often associated with
them. (I'm convinced at this point that all of the fear people
have about continuations is a direct result of how they're taught
and what's associated with them, though that's a rant for another