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forewords by Guy L. Steele Jr.

Vadim Nasardinov wrote:
 > Awright, I promise to read The Seasoned Schemer as soon as I am done
 > with "Effective Java", "Concurrency: State Models & Java Programs",
 > and "The Little Lisper".  No more stupid questions till after I've
 > read the book.

Ok, one more silly question.  It just occurred to me that three out of
four books on the above to-read list have forewords written by Guy

1. The Little Lisper
2. Effective Java

3. The Seasoned Schemer.

A quick Google search turned up two more titles:

4. A Hacker's Delight:

5. The New Hacker's Dictionary.

Both of them are books that I would like to have on my bookshelf.  Are
there any other books to which Guy Steele wrote a foreword or